Track Time Online

You own a business which uses the collaborative workspace where teams meet and work. You often hire freelancers or have remote work employees. You need to record and track time spent on projects. What is the best tool available? Our Online Time Clock – Time Boss Clock.

The Time Boss Clock is a freely available utility and an all in one employee management solution for your small business. One of the key features of this software includes an Online Time Clock. The online time clock is integrated into the software and installs on all systems where you wish to install it. Simply feed in the IP address of the systems you wish to monitor. It will then record the log in and log out times of the employee on the system.

The clocking of time via the web based utility gives you a very good idea of the time an employee actually spends on the projects. The tool records and reports. The reports generated by this tool allow the manager to measure the time spent on the project. If the employee spends more time than allocated then it impacts cost viability of the project. This information is useful for a project manager to identify profitability of a project as well as time management plans. These reports ultimately help improve organization efficiency.

The Time Boss Clock tracks employees Clock in hours and leaves of absence as well. If the employee is absent, the records reflects it. This gets automatically fed into the database and if the employee leave is not available, it impacts pay as per organization policy. The employees who work remotely are also able to use the software for tracking time spent on activities. All you need to do is key in IP addresses of the employees who will use the time clock to track time. The system does the rest.

The time clock interface is very intuitive and simple to use. You can also access video tutorials to learn the step by step process on how to use the time clock, how to access the dashboard and how to access reports. The time clock is thus a very user friendly utility.

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