The Rising Popularity of E-Learning

E-learning has been on the upward trend in several different sectors of the world including the banking sector. The banking sector is a flourishing business in India and it has been implementing large-scale e-learning in the recent years. With various new technologies coming into play in the banking sector, it is easy to see the need for training the current workforce on these new technologies and methodologies. The best and most efficient way to do this is through e-learning.

Why is the Popularity rising?

In the past, the banking sector would use in classroom training, which meant that all the employees had to take the training at once and it meant that a large part of the workforce of a team would be out of action during the training. With e-learning, banking sector employees can now take the training whenever they are free through the use of an Internet-connected computer or mobile device. They do not all need to attend a classroom session at one time.

Also, the cost for classroom training of a large number of people is drastically more when compared to the same training when they are given out online through e-learning mechanisms. E-learning is often seen to cost almost 50% lesser than the in-classroom training for the same topics or technologies.

Especially in India, companies look at the cheapest option for performing any activity. The lucky thing with e-learning is that it is the cheapest as well as the best option out there.

The Demand is more in Information Technology Field

As you might know, India is the new hub of information technology in the world. Bengaluru is now called the Silicon Valley of India. With all these advancements in the information technology space, you will not be surprised to know that e-learning for information technology topics has increased in demand.

Every second company in India is now an information technology company that is looking to push its employees to know and learn more technologies. This means that massive amounts of training are needed to be set up. There are literally thousands of employees working in each of the information technology companies and hence it is not very easy to do classroom training for all of these people. It actually does not make sense to do classroom training.

The better option that these information technology companies are using is e-learning. With e-learning, they are able to train various departments of the company on different technologies without having to worry about a lot of logistical problems.

These information technology companies are making thousands of dollars of savings by quickly adopting the e-learning mechanisms into their business structure.

The other advantage of e-learning that info tech companies love is that e-learning provides a wide range of learnings that their employees can access.

Therefore, you can clearly see why the e-learning business is rapidly expanding and why many of the companies are adopting e-learning over traditional learning and training mechanisms. So, go ahead and do the same for your company!

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