5 Tips to Improve Your Fashion Wardrobe

You’re judged by the way you look, so why give it a chance? The first impression is always the lasting impression. Here are few tips to remember while getting decked up for the occasion:

1.     Take your friend along

If you’re bad at decision making, it’s good to drag your friend along. Take someone who gives realistic feedbacks, rather than someone who’ll say exactly what you want to hear. Since your friend’s opinion is probably how the society perceives you,you don’t want biased opinions.  Real-time feedback will help you choose the right clothing that looks good on you.


2.     Attention to detail

The minutest of details must be taken into consideration while making a choice. The final piece of clothing you wear is likely to be the first thing to be noticed. Therefore, it’s vital to take extra care to the smallest of details, be it a scarf or how you tie the knot.

3.     The right shoes for the right leg

If you were a woman, the first thing you’ll look for is matching shoes, so make sure they look clean and sharp. Keep in mind the “cost-per-use” factor and the purpose for which it’s intended.  Shoes for daily office use needs an extra emphasis on durability than the cost. Shoes intended for minimal use can afford an overlook when it comes to durability.

4.     Don’t be a crowd/brand follower

No one can play your part better than you do, so it’s important to preserve your X Factor. There is always a tendency to follow the crowd;don’t fall prey to this trend and be your own best. Wear what you love, not what your favorite brand offers you. Your favorite brand need not always be deciding factor to perceive what looks good on you.


5.     Never be content

You and I are always content with what we have, but it’s good to be experimental. We would love to explore the horizon without leaving any stone unturned. It’s not wrong to try out different fashions to explore and see which suits you better.

You’re your best judge. All that matters in the endis how your clothing makes you feel. It’s important to be mindful of the occasion for which you’re getting decked up. Happy shopping! Get ready to hit the stores with your best foot forward!a

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