Is it essential to design an adequate dosage schedule for individuals??

Steroids are generally the drugs that are supposed to be used for treatment of any medical condition. But, most of the individuals including the athletes and bodybuilders make use of these steroids for non-medical purposes, which make them illegal to use. The individuals are recommended to use these steroids on prescription from a doctor.

An individual must consult a doctor before starting intake of any steroid. This is because; every steroid has some benefits as well as some adverse reactions associated to it. So, they are recommended to follow a dosage schedule, so as to get rid of these adverse reactions and its potential side effects. The doctors will design an appropriate dosage schedule for beginners interested in taking the steroids. Deca-Durabolin is one of the steroids, which is versatile for the purpose for which it is being used.

Nandrolone or the Deca Durabolin is primarily used for gaining muscle mass steadily, but not for dramatic gains. Most of the users prefer intake of Deca Durabolin during cycles, because of its feature that it is a slow acting compound. The body of an individual is known for not giving a proper response to a rapid gain in weight, whether it is a result of lean muscles or fat. If the weight gain is a result of lean muscle mass, it becomes very difficult to be maintained at the end of the cycle. Even this difficulty remains with an individual, when there is a post cycle therapy stacked with a training program and good nutrition.

The cycles of Deca Durabolin are considered beneficial for the individuals, as the rate of gaining weight by the body is very slow which allows the body of an individual to adapt the added muscle mass that has been created more easily and comfortably. Some of the people have often seen with intake of Anadrol-50 for dramatic muscle mass building at a rapid pace. But, this actually shocks the system causing a total loss of the added muscles created by the end of the cycle. In order to stimulate the gaining mass, it is very common to stack Deca Durabolin with other compounds during the bulking cycle.

The most commonly use stack by the individuals is the Testosterone/Nandrolone and the Dianabol stack. This was pioneered by the bodybuilders at the time of the golden era, i.e. during the period of 1960s and 1970s. This stack is recommended to the users of all levels i.e. from beginners’ level to the advanced level. This provides the users with good quality gains at all levels.

The dosage schedule for the beginners is designed in such a way that initially it is used to be very low and after a few weeks, it is increased a bit. This is done, so as to protect the individual from its potential side effects as well as its adverse reactions. If the intake of Dianabol is discontinued, the effects on intake of Nandrolone will also go on a hold.

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