10 Cool Gifts to Surprise Your Kids

Are you wondering what to give your kids on their birthdays? Tired of all those toys lying around the house? You can’t stop them from being messy, but you can definitely excite them without a toy. Toys aren’t the only presents that kids love to have. All you need to do is understand them to come up with awesome presents that are not just any other glass gifts or toys.

Your children’s birthdays are something that needs to be celebrated and cherished. Here are a few best non-toy gifts that every children will love to get on their birthdays:

  1. Sign them up for their favorite lessons – Your kid might love dancing, singing, skating, or any other activity. Surprise them by arranging regular lessons for their favorite activity and encourage their interest in it.
  2. Get them membership cards – Science museums, YMCA association, Zoo, and many other places have the ability to both entertain and educate your children. If you kid loves a particular museum or a library, gift them a membership card to these places.
  3. Magazine subscriptions – Kids will always be overjoyed when they receive a mail addressed to them. It’s a great way to encourage them to start reading educational books and magazines. Buy them a magazine subscription of their choice.
  4. Take them to their favorite event – Kids will definitely have something for any movie or an event in your city. Surprise them by getting tickets to their favorite event. If they love watching any local baseball or soccer team, then take them to a sports event by surprise.
  5. Show them bigger activities – Kids always want to explore what the adults do. They might be excited to ride a car, play golf like real grown up men, and even want to ride horses like the prince from the movies. Take them for a day out and try to fulfill their wishes under your supervision.
  6. Let them cook for you – Some kids might love to try their hands at cooking. You would also have trained them to make their own bread and egg scramble. Surprise them by handing over the kitchen to your future chefs for a day.
  7. Exciting arts and crafts presents – If your kids are into arts and crafts, then the most exciting thing they can get for their birthday will be an extended or advanced coloring set. Kindle their imagination with a gift of arts and craft supplies.
  8. Dress-up clothes of their favorite characters – Most children will follow their favorite cartoon character or comic super heroes. All they’d want is dress-up as their favorite characters and cosplay with their buddies.
  9. Pain their rooms – Send them out for a day and decorate their room like their favorite scene from a fairytale, or any other theme they’d love to have. Paint the walls with their favorite colors, stick posters of their favorite heroes, and get some glass gifts to decorate their room.
  10. Puzzles and gaming equipment – If your kid’s been saving for a gaming supply, simply buy one and surprise them on their birthday.

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