The positioning equipment- Types and Advantages

Positioning equipment are an important element in the Medical arena. It is a known fact that surgeries are quite critical which involves a lot of complex procedures that are performed on crucial and delicate organs of our body. A lot of precaution is required during and post surgery for complete recovery. Good precautionary measures help in avoiding any kind of complications after surgery.

It is relatively lesser known fact that every patient requires positioning equipment after any surgery. The positioning equipment are to be used with proper precision and great accuracy to avoid any damage to sensitive parts of the body. Post any complex surgical procedure; the patient needs to maintain a specific posture for two reasons:

1.Safety of patient

2.Ease of the surgeon in performing surgical procedures

One can buy positioning equipments from online shops that deal with positioning products. The site offers a wide array of variety to opt from. One can make the buying decision based on the quality, features, and price. Most of the dealers offer genuine products at affordable price. However, one can compare, analyze and choose accordingly. There are many types of positioning equipments in the market which are bought depending upon the location that needs access during operation.

Different positioning products are as follows:

1.Lateral positioning equipment

2.Patient positioning equipment

3.Surgical preppers

 Lateral Positioning equipment

The lateral equipment is used to help the patient to maintain the side-lying position during surgery. The lateral positioning equipment is used specifically for surgeries of Kidney, endoscopy or hemithorax. It can also be used for ERCP, a surgery which requires the surgeon to check the pancreatic and bile duct position of the patient.

Patient positioning equipment

These are basically surgery pads and one of the most important surgical positioning equipment.  The equipment is helpful in eliminating the pressure from the head as well as lower and upper parts depending on the surgery to be performed. They also help to maintain blood flow during the procedure.

Surgical preppers

The preppers are used for holding the upper or lower extremes of the body while surgery is being performed.

Some of the most used surgical positioning items are as follows:

1.Universal Prepper

2.Leg Prepper

3.Bi-lateral prepper

4.Elbow arthroscopy support

5.Replacement universal prepper pads

One can buy positioning equipments online India from any renowned online portal which deals in surgical equipments and positioning items at an affordable rate. The equipments can be bought as per the requirement.


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