Top 5 Features for an Ideal Home

Home sweet home

The only place where you can be yourself is your home. Irrespective of the size, location, the number of members at your home, the one place you’ll always love to be is indeed your home. It wouldn’t be wrong to say home is the only place where you welcome, safe, and secure.


Home away from home is quite a popular phrase, but home within a home, well, that’s something new. We all love to have a private space of our own, where privacy can be realized to its peak.

The crucial 5 to get a high-five for your home

  1. Good kitchen and bathroom? Good to go!

Kitchen and bathroom are the basic and probably the most important features of your home that can’t be overlooked. The condition and functionality of your appliances and fixtures determines if a replacement is in place.

  1. Sky is the limit, but make sure the ceiling and flooring areflawless

It’s advisable to go for resilient flooring, like tile and wood, rather than the cheap vinyl flooring and plastic laminates. Keep a close watch for leaks and cracksin the walls and ceilings.

  1. Vicinity over amenity

You’re known by the friends you keep, but you’re also known by the neighbor’s you have. It’s always good to have cordial neighbors around to make sure your stay is a pleasant and enriching experience. Living around a friendly neighborhood overrides luxury; you never know when you could do with some neighborly help. The location should be considered as well, keeping in mind the shuttling between work and home, and grocery shopping.

  1. Judge a book by its cover

The first glance of the house determines how you’re likely to be judged by others. In the best interest of your home and your family, it’s advisable to research the condition and functionality of gutters and downspouts.


  1. Space and greenery

A green environment ensures that there is a fresh supply of oxygen at all times. To get a relief from the concrete jungles, it will be a boon to all eco-friendly people. A spacious yard gives your kids a play area, and you get to enjoy a barbeque in the outdoors with friends and family as well!

Your home is the cozy abode where you spend the better half of your time. You definitely want to make sure that you choose the best amenities and neighborhood to relax and unwind after a tough day at work!

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