Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S9: Who wins the war?

Samsung just launched the Galaxy S8 flagship smartphones, and on other hand in the market people have started talking about the next launch i.e. Galaxy S9. So, let’s discover who will be better?


Samsung equipped Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus 12-megapixel camera with an aperture of f / 1.7, and optical stabilization and 8-megapixel front module with autofocus with a similar aperture. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus the main camera does not protrude from the body, as in the recent iPhone models. Galaxy S9- a new flagship of 2018, will have an amazing camera quality. 16MP+16MP primary Dual-lens camera with the 8MP front camera is a highly attracting feature of the phone. The smooth detailed UHD picture with high optical stabilization, cool colours, and great sharpness enhances the beauty of the picture. Additionally, various funny, interesting clip-arts, 35 new 3D frames, and effects are eye-appeasing and delightful making the picture for gorgeous.


In general, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus include all the chips that are supposed to be the flagship. They are compact and today are the most productive on Android-smartphone market. It is possible with the release of S8 and S8 Plus Samsung will be able to rehabilitate and restore the reputation suffered considerably after the scandal with the Galaxy Note 7.

New flagship phone “THE GALAXY S9” received a battery capacity of 5000 mAh and not forget the Wireless Charging with the addition of extra feature ‘Fast Charging’   The manufacturer has managed to improve the battery life of devices compared to S8 and S8 edge performance through the use of Super AMOLED (INFINITY)-display with Adreno 540 and Snapdragon 845 chips, but only in certain aspects, such as music playback. Through all this, we can say that the results demonstrated the new smartphone is very much different from its predecessors.

Galaxy S8 + is not just the new flagship of Samsung, but also the best phone of the existing. Despite the fact that for many years was considered the best Galaxy S Android phone operating system (at least as long as the market does not appear Pixel), it has always existed in the iPhone long shadow. Even with more widespread in the market, the dominant operating system, forestall long-term competitors in the various twists like the screen size, or water resistance, Galaxy S still could not reach the most compelling in the iPhone – compliance with the spirit of the time. No matter how you have made the Samsung tries to invent something radically “from the beginning to the end of its own” – Apple fans still perceived as a copy of the Galaxy S and Android enthusiasts have always lamented the drastic upgrades TouchWiz interface. But, that all has changed with the birth of Galaxy S8+.

With a stunning design that is absolutely necessary to see to the harmonious integration of e-filling and the operating system, Galaxy S8 + is the first in a long time phone capable of truly turn the discourse and change our expectations. The same hopes are there for the upcoming Galaxy S9. Galaxy S9- the new flagship of 2018, we must say that Samsung has made the new Galaxy S9 alluringly. Customers always want new things in new mobile models. So, there is no doubt, Galaxy S9 will be better than Galaxy S8/S8+ regarding the latest features.

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