Travel Guide on Lakshadweep Islands

As its name suggest, Lakshadweep means one lakh islands. These are tiny little islands that are scattered all along the Arabian Sea. The several tiny islands give the look of gravel that is scattered on marble or the clear Arabian Sea waters, of course. This is a low lying island that lies at just 2 feet above the sea water. The majority of the people are of Indian and Arab ethnicity. Most people speak a language akin to the Malayalam dialect from the state of Kerala in India.

The people of Lakshadweep are very hospitable and coconut water is available in plenty there. The best way to relax upon reaching that place is at the beach resort cottages lined by coconut trees on either side.

How to Reach Lakshadweep

Reaching by flight is totally dependent on the weather in the area. The one and only gateway to the Lakshadweep Islands is the domestic Agatti Aerodrome. Air India flights operate once on all weekdays except Sundays through the Cochin International Airport. So first fly to Cochin and then catch a domestic flight to Agatti. Once you land in the region, the only mode of travel from one island to another is through boat/ferry. There are reasonably priced government lodges available. Avoid flight travel during monsoons (June – August).

Important Things to Note

Every person who goes to the Lakshadweep Islands requires an official special permission. Internationals or tourists from other countries cannot go beyond Bangaram, Agatti, Minicoy, Kavaratti, & Kadmat in Lakshadweep. There are restrictions on home-stays and hotel stays so there are limited accommodation facilities available. It is a punishable offense to pick up coral while exploring the multi-colored coral reefs under clear water.

It is advisable to trip to the Lakshadweep during the month of October to March. Bangaram & Agatti are lovely places to enjoy during the monsoons too. Strictly No Alcohol (except Bangaram) and less partying is allowed.

Tourist Attractions at Lakshadweep

Due to the breezy atmosphere on the beaches of Lakshadweep, it is the best atmosphere for flying colorful kites. The skies are filled with colorful pieces of paper that looks more like a decorated sky. Go scuba diving at the Kalpeni Island & Canoeing Minicoy Island. In addition to this you may indulge in swimming in clear warm blue waters reflecting the sky and also go kayaking.

Another attractive on-the-sea activity is the glass bottom boat ride that gives you a peek underwater. Enjoy parasailing and snorkeling through the picturesque surreal spots. There are excursion rides available to other spots like Thinnakara, Parali and Kalpitty.

There are handicrafts made from coconut coir and palm fronds. Most of the islands are visited for the main purpose that they are left to nature and many islands are not allowed for tourists to keep the natural feel alive.

Out of the 36 islands only 10 islands are inhabited. There are no fairs or exhibitions nor are there any fancy restaurants. There are lots of adventure sports and water sports to indulge in. So the next time you plan a holiday, and then explore the secret places of Lakshadweep islands.


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